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25. June 2019

Children have a Right to a Tobacco-free World

Our new factsheet shows how children's rights are violated by tobacco use and tobacco cultivation.
5. May 2019

Win a ticket to see Tom Hiddleston in Betrayal on May 27th!

What you can win: A ticket to see Tom Hiddleston, Charly Cox and Zawe Ashton in Betrayal at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London on 27 May 2019. The show is sold out and the ticket is worth more than £100.
25. January 2019

Cigarettes endanger forests

Our new factsheet shows how tobacco growing, cigarette manufacturing and cigarette butts are affecting forests worldwide.
17. December 2018

Price of Tobacco: Ruined Nature

What does tobacco do to the environment? A new study shows: deforestation, pesticides in the soil, nicotine in waters. Read here how tobacco ruins our nature.
12. November 2018

Unfairtobacco shortlisted for EU Health Award

We feel very honoured to have been nominated for the EU Health Award 2018 by the EU Commission. Today, we participated in the award ceremony in Brussels, together with ten other organisations.
31. October 2018

Open letter to ILO Governing Body

Today, more than 110 civil society organisations request the ILO Governing Body to no longer accept funding from tobacco industry. Read their open letter here.
29. September 2018

Poison for waterbodies: nicotine and pesticides

Our new factsheet shows the impact of tobacco growing, cigarette manufacturing and cigarette butts on water, waterbodies and oceans.
25. August 2018

Documentary: Cigarette butts are toxic waste

A German documentary shows: Cigarette butts not only harm the health of people, but also the health of the planet. Few people know, cigarette butts are hazardous, toxic waste. Unfairtobacco Director Sonja von Eichborn has been interviewed for this film.
11. July 2018

Is the tobacco industry highjacking the SDGs?

New analysis exposes how the tobacco industry uses the SDGs in a broad strategy to circumvent regulation. The paper also discusses corporate engagement in the SDGs in general and features a case study on the finance sector.
25. May 2018

Cape Town Declaration on Human Rights and a Tobacco-free World

Governments have the duty, as well as the right, to protect their citizens from the tobacco industry because the continued production and marketing of tobacco products violates rights from seedbed to butts, including child labor, workers' rights and the human rights to health and life.
25. April 2018

Arbor Day

On Arbor Day we remember Wangari Maathai and show how tobacco affects the environment.
13. March 2018

ILO to break up with tobacco funds

The Governing Body of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) discusses for the third time about breaking ties with tobacco funds.
26. February 2018

Case Studies on Alternative Livelihoods to Tobacco

These short case studies take a closer look at alternatives to tobacco growing. Are they economically viable? Are they ecologically justifiable? Do they contribute to more social justice?
24. January 2018

Human Rights & Tobacco Control Conference 2018

The Human Rights and Tobacco Control Network (HRTCN) this year conducts a pre-conference to the 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Cape Town, South Africa, to highlight the links between tobacco control and human rights. Register now.
11. December 2017

Secondhand smoke at work: 433,000 deaths

SDG-Factsheet No. 4 shows the health risks for workers inherent in secondhand smoke at workplaces and in working conditions in tobacco growing.
14. November 2017

Disappointing: ILO postpones decision

Disappointing: Governing Body of the ILO again decides to postpone its decision whether to cut tobacco ties.
26. October 2017

ILO amongst last UN Agencies accepting money from ‘Big Tobacco’

Press release of the Framework Convention Alliance: On 1 November 2017, delegates of the Governing Body of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) will be asked to vote to extend their partnership with the tobacco industry. This proposal comes despite recommendations from the UN Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC).
16. October 2017

ILO asked to end conflict of interest

Press release: Responding to mounting pressure, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has to consider severing ties with the tobacco industry.
4. October 2017

Tobacco workers to ILO: Quit tobacco industry

In an open letter to members of the International Labour Organisation's Governing Body, tobacco workers demand that the ILO stops its cooperation with the tobacco industry.
14. September 2017

123 health groups to PMI: Stop selling cigarettes (press release)

123 organizations from around the globe publish an open letter to Philip Morris International (PMI) demanding that they immediately cease the production, marketing and sale of cigarettes.

Open Letter from 123 health groups to PMI

Open letter signed by 123 health groups demands that Philip Morris International stops selling cigarettes immediately.
7. September 2017

Tobacco and Education: SDG-Factsheet No. 3 published

On the occasion of the International Literacy Day, we publish our third SDG-Factsheet and focus on Sustainable Development Goal 4 ("Quality Education for All").
20. July 2017

PMI Leaks: The truth behind the “smokefree future”

While Philip Morris International (PMI) publicly offers the world a smokefree future the corporation works hard in secrecy to hinder public health policies.
1. June 2017

WHO Award for Unfairtobacco

In a ceremony at the European Parliament on 31st May, the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized our longtime work for sustainable development and tobacco control with a World No Tobacco Day Award 2017.
23. May 2017

Tobacco Production, Marketing Violate Basic Human Rights

Action on Smoking and Health and Unfairtobacco agree with the Danish Institute of Human Rights (DIHR) that Philip Morris International (PMI) should cease “the production and marketing of tobacco.”
12. May 2017

29th May 2017: Exhibition opens!

“Big Tobacco: Profits & Lies” at Vivantes Klinikum Neukölln, Berlin, Germany
3. May 2017

#QuitPMI: Tobacco Giant Befriends Human Rights Org

We urge the Danish Institute for Human Rights to quit its collaboration with PMI.
13. March 2017

The ILO must end ties with the tobacco industry

Bangkok, 10 March 2017: The Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA) calls upon the International Labour Organization to end its ties with the tobacco industry.
23. December 2016

Review of 2016

Last year, we intensively worked on the impact of tobacco growing and tobacco use on a social, economic and ecological sustainablility. We showed how tobacco control can contribute to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
13. December 2016

Untapped resources: tobacco taxes

New paper shows: tobacco taxes can contribute to funding sustainable development.
24. November 2016

COP7: Progress for Growers and Environment

What are the outcomes of COP7 for tobacco growers and the environment?
11. November 2016

Food security, or tobacco only?

The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition (NAFSN) in Malawi cooperates with tobacco companies, thus ignoring the country’s urgent necessity to move away from its dependence on tobacco exports.
3. November 2016

New: SDG-Factsheet No. 2

The FCTC has been strengthening the relations between different stakeholders – government institutions as well as non-governmental organisations.
2. November 2016

COP7 in India: we are attending

COP7 in India. Again, a representative of is on-site.
4. October 2016

Tobacco farmers as mouthpiece for industry

Tobacco growers’ association wants to have a say in tobacco control. But who does ITGA represent?
16. September 2016

Fully dependent

Tobacco growing leads to less area for food production.
10. June 2016

Poor, hungry, addicted to tobacco

Our first SDG-Factsheet explains how poverty and hunger are linked to tobacco.
2. June 2016

… three, two, one …

On World NOt Tobacco Day 2016 a group of studnet from a Berlin primary school sent colorful balloons to the sky carrying messages of smoking prevention.
25. May 2016

Tobacco funded ITIC attacking SEATCA

Civil society organisations working in the area of tobacco control have shown since years the close links between ITIC and the tobacco industry.
24. May 2016

Week of sustainability at Rostock

Tobacco and sustainability – does that fit together? Come to our event in Rostock for an answer.
21. April 2016

India’s fight for better health warnings

Large graphic health warnings must succeed in India – in spite of the tobacco industry’s determination to stop them.
13. April 2016

Malawi: tobacco auction started

Today, Wednesday 13th April 2016, the tobacco auction floors in Lilongwe, Malawi, have been opened for this year’s tobacco marketing season.
9. March 2016

Obsolete: the EU’s anti-smuggling agreements

The EU has agreements with cigarette companies to combat smuggling. Today, the EU Parliament decides whether to negotiate with PMI about a renewal of the agreement.
1. March 2016

A better world in 15 years means change of policy!

German civil society organisations ask Federal Government to change its policy for sustainability.
7. January 2016

Tobacco, rice or beans?

Information evening on agricultural change in family farming in South of Brazil with Sirlei Glasenapp from Rio Grande do Sul.
28. May 2012

Stop tobacco cultivation: there are alternatives! – press release

On the occasion of the World No Tobacco Day releases the study Alternative Livelihoods to Tobacco. Approaches & Experiences.
24. May 2012

No smoking in the lobby

In Brazil new regulations have been issued to prevent tobacco industry interference in the National Committee for WHO FCTC Implementation.
18. May 2012

Argentinian tobacco farmers sue tobacco companies

In the Misiones district, north-east-Argentina, tobacco companies asked farmers to use new seeds which require much more pesticides. But nobody explained them the risks.
11. May 2012

Discuss, negotiate, intrigue

For our education programme we are currently developing a simulation game on tobacco trade. The players take up the roles of different actors in the virtual state of Bralawia.
18. April 2012

ACTA and Big Tobacco: legal crime vs. illegal crime

Big Tobacco now mimes a socially responsible business company and puts its yellowy discolored finger in the ACTA-pie. The tendency is clear: tobacco industry more and more uses international treaties to put governments under pressure.
30. March 2012

Report on the World Conference

The World Conference on Tobacco or Health has brought many new ideas, giving renewed impetus to the work of The only drawback was that the conference declaration failed to make an important statement of solidarity towards tobacco farmers.
21. March 2012

Tobacco Watch 2012: Monitoring Countries’ Performance on the Global Treaty

2011 is the first year- since the inception of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) in 2005- which has not been dominated by negotiation processes.

Poverty: the high price of tobacco in Malawi

Tobacco production causes poverty in Malawi. This was the subject of today’s presentation by Laura Graen, our delegate to the WCTOH 2012 in Singapore.
15. March 2012

Smells like American Spirit

The Marlboro Man und his friend Joe Camel have found a new home in Indonesia.
9. March 2012

Double Standards: Big Tobacco in Asia

As part of our publication series on the topic of tobacco production throughout the world, we have just released a study on Asia (in German only).
8. March 2012

International Women’s Day: tobacco and gender

What role does gender play when it comes to the consumption and control of tobacco? How is gender treated in both the tobacco industry and those who oppose its production and consumption?
6. March 2012

Recommendation: “Cigarettes’ lessons for climate change”

The article criticizes the way how global corporations disguise this process intuitively following their ingrained pattern of euphemism in dealing with global disasters.
20. February 2012

Alternatives to tobacco farming: meeting in Geneva

Unfairtobacco sent a representative to the third meeting of the WHO’s working group on sustainable alternatives to tobacco growing.
28. January 2012

China: The biggest cigarette market worldwide

China is the biggest tobacco market worldwide. A paradise for international tobacco companies, one might think.
18. January 2012

False Report: WHO imposes tobacco tax on India

False report in the Indian and international press: the World Health Organization (WHO) would have requested a 250 million rupee tax from India
6. January 2012

Message to United Nations conference

Rio+20 is the United Nations conference on sustainable development and will take place in June 2012.