First practical test of the simulation game.

Currently we are developing a simulation game about tobacco trade to use it for our education programme.  The players take up the roles of different actors in the virtual state of Bralawia. There are the government, the international operating company Queen Tobacco, the tobacco growers and the NGO “Environment and Social Justice”.

Up to now we drafted only the basic structure of the game: eight actors, their interests and plenty of play money. But for a first try this was sufficient to have an exciting play at the university of Halle-Wittenberg (Germany) on 6th May 2012.

Suddenly growers earned a lot of money

12 participants talked their heads off for more than one hour. At the end the growers suddenly had a lot of money while the representatives of the tobacco company got frustated and left the country. What happened? The government had given in, fined the company heavily and supported projects for alternative livelihoods.

The subsequent discussion based on this interesting situation. Which range of options do governments have in the real world? Which are the interests and interdependencies?

Additionally, the participants had many good ideas for the further development of the game. This is what is our task now. We will provide information on more workshops here.

Looking for partnerorganisations and donors

In order to develop the full game we are in need of your donations. Donations provide for our independence and enable our work. is also interested in organisations that provide financial support and, after completion, use the game for their own work.

Please address all inquiries – also for another test of the simulation game – to our education officer Dinah Stratenwerth: