Published in 2020, this 34-pages index shows how and how much the tobacco industry is interfering with political decision-makers in Germany. This report is for the first time part of the Global Tobacco Industry Interference Index 2020.

Using a questionnaire developed by the Southeast Asian Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA), different areas of political decision making are analysed and substantiated with examples. It becomes clear that the tobacco industry still exerts its influence on political decisions in Germany.

Author: Laura Graen

Endorsing organisations: German Medical Action Group Smoking or Health (ÄARG), German NCD Alliance (DANK), German Respiratory Society (DGP), German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), FACT e.V. – Women Against Tobacco, Friedensband, Institute for Therapy and Health Research (IFT Nord), Center for Addiction Prevention Berlin, Rauchfrei Plus – Health facilities for counseling and tobacco cessation, Unfairtobacco, Vivantes Hospital Neukölln

Published: September 2020


"More than 15 years after the country’s ratification of the WHO FCTC, the tobacco industry in Germany is still strong and able to exert influence on public health policy", states Laura Graen, the author of the index.
Tobacco Industry Interference Index 2020, Germany © Index_tobacco-industry_Germany_2020_cover by Unfairtobacco