Tobacco production causes poverty in Malawi. This was the subject of today’s presentation by Laura Graen, our delegate to the WCTOH 2012 in Singapore.

Our delegate to the World Conference on Tobacco or Health 2012 in Singapore held her first presentation today. The subject was the impact of tobacco growing in the Southeast African country of Malawi. It focused on the situation of tenants on tobacco estates but also gave some insight on the macro-economic context.

The presentation was held in a session on the costs of tobacco – where all other speakers talked about tobacco consumption. After hearing Laura Graen’s talk, the audience was concerned and showed great interest in the situation in Malawi. Several questions were asked, among others, why Malawi had not signed the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control yet and what alternative crops farmers might grow instead of tobacco.

Did you miss the presentation?

Download the presentation files here:

Upcoming presentation

Laura Graen will be giving another talk on the use of tobacco workers’ stories as a campaign tool to challenge the tobacco industry. The talk will also feature information on the exhibition “Big Tobacco: Profits and Lies” that can be rented and is currently used in tobacco prevention programmes in German schools. The presentation will take place as part of the session on “Tobacco Control Interventions” on Friday, 23rd, 1:45-3:15 pm, in the ‘Theatre’ at Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore.