Sonja von Eichborn is the director of the project Unfairtobacco at BLUE 21 since 2009. She works on the issues of sustainable development, alternatives to tobacco growing and tobacco control.


Education programme

Different education officers serve at BLUE 21. They offer Unfairtobacco Workshops at schools and develop new learning material.


Press and Public Relations

Jan Schulz takes care of Unfairtobacco’s online services and is the contact person for press and media. He represents Unfairtobaco at conferences and other events.


Former team members

Laura Graen co-founded Unfairtobacco, then named „Campaign Smokesignal!“, in 2004. In more than 15 years at Unfairtobacco she built up and expanded our national and international networks until January 2020. She developed political strategies for the project, wrote many of our publications and held uncountable talks. She now works as a freelance expert on tobacco control, human rights and sustainable development. Contact:

Dinah Stratenwerth acted as education officer at Unfairtobacco from 2010 to 2019. She conducted many workshops with children and youth and developed Unfairtobacco learning resources. She now focusses on her project foodjustice at BLUE 21.