12. February 2024

Environmental hazard of disposable e-cigarettes: Time to act!

Environmental destruction in part of the supply chains of disposable e-cigarettes. We asked people in Bangladesh, Chile and Peru: What are your demands for your environment, your life, your future?
19. January 2024

Year in review 2023

Our commitment in 2023 for a change towards a tobacco-free world: Together with partners from all over the world for food instead of tobacco!
15. December 2023

Political interference and greenwashing – topical and alarming

The Tobacco Lobby Index 2023 once again shows how much influence the tobacco industry can exert on politics. At the German Conference for Tobacco Control on 6/7 December, we have put the tobacco industry's strategies under close scrutiny with a plenary session.
20. September 2023

Tobacco-free world: Bangladeshi farmers opt for a switch

In this video, farmers show their tobacco-free world in Bangladesh and explain how they managed to exit tobacco cultivation.
8. May 2023

World No Tobacco Day 2023: Planetary healthy food, not tobacco!

We offer a three-course meal on planetary health and tobacco control, featuring speakers from all over the world. Join us on 25th May, 3 pm (CEST).