9. October 2020

Bangladesh: Of Clothes and Cigarettes

Online talk with Farida Akhter, human rights and tobacco control activist of UBINIG, Bangladesh. Wednesday, 28 October 2020. 9:30-10:30 a.m. (CET)
7. October 2020

No decent work on tobacco plantations in Bangladesh

World Day for Decent Work: Short films by our partner organisation UBINIG show exploitation of women and children in tobacco cultivation in Bangladesh
9. September 2020

222,222 demand a supply chain law

Initiative protests with more than 222,222 signatures at the Federal Chancellery - Cabinet debate on supply chain law postponed again
27. July 2020

Germany’s new tobacco advertising ban

A new law to extend the ban on tobacco advertising was long overdue, but has been blocked by the CDU/CSU in recent years. Now the parties have given up their resistance and agreed to a bill in the German parliament. The new law will come into force gradually from 2021.
28. May 2020

Students call on UN Committee: No Tobacco Anymore!

Students from Berlin submit their report to the UN Committee oin the Rights of the Child and show how and where children's rights are infringed by tobacco.