We offer education about tobacco. We combine addiction prevention with learning in global contexts. Our education on tobacco follows the supply chains of tobacco and nicotine products: Are human rights, women’s rights and children’s rights respected or violated? What are the consequences of tobacco cultivation and raw material extraction for the environment and climate? Where are similarities with other consumer products? What can a sustainable transition to a tobacco-free world look like?

We operate in Germany. We offer projects and workshops at schools in Berlin and Brandenburg for students from 6th grade onwards as well as for apprentices in vocational schools. We work interactively and focus on the experiences and interests of the children and teenagers. For teachers, we offer a materials kit with various resources to be used for their classes. Additionally, we offer our exhibition Big Tobacco for lending.

Our learning resources are in German only. If you are interested in our education services, we can find ways to adapt the material for your needs. We are also able to implement projects or workshops for your English class. Don’t hesitate to contact us by mail.

Learning Resources

  • Exhibition Big Tobacco

    The exhibition Big Tobacco: Profits & Lies shows the route of tobacco from the field to the cigarette butt. It highlights the impact of the entire production and consumption chain on sustainable development.


Educational material

Simulation game Tobacco in Bralavia [German only]

The simulation game Tobacco in Bralavia [German] recreates the situation in a tobacco growing country. It includes role descriptions, event cards, additional information materials, and game instructions. It can be played in the classroom or online.

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Education Set: Tobacco Bale [German only]

Interactive education set about tobacco cultivation in the Global South Contents: 1 card game, 1 board game, 1 DVD with documentaries and 1 booklet Suitable for students in secoundary school, adolescents and adults. (all contents are German)

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Crafting Model Our Right to a Tobacco-free World [German only]

Crafting model including introduction for teachers, instructions for crafting and templates for the model.

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Manual Exhibition Big Tobacco: Profits & Lies [German only]

The manual for the exhibition Big Tobacco contains questionnaires for different grades to be used for lessons on the exhibition.

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