This crafting instruction contains a short introduction for teachers, the instruction itself and templates.

The crafting model is designed for 5th and 6th grade. The students learn about the problems of tobacco growing and tobacco use, about their rights and the rights of children all over the world. During crafting the model they are encourgaed to develop their own solutions.

Children can use their different senses to understand the complex issues – aligned with principles of Montessori education. Children can use the included templates or write their own texts, draw their own pictures. At the end, the whole class has jointly crafted a model on the right to a tobacco-free world.

Subsequently, the model can be used to explain the topic of a tobacco-free world – e.g. present it to other groups or during smoking prevention campaigns at school.

The factsheet Children have a Right to a Tobacco-free World is included in the shipment.

How does tobacco violate children's rights? What can we do to enforce children's rights?
Crafting model "Our Right to a Tobbacco-free World" © Bastelmodell Vorderseite by Unfairtobacco / CC BY-NC-ND 4.0