The Tobacco Bale includes two games, one DVD with documentaries and a booklet.

It is suitable for students in secondary school, for young adults and for eduation on sustainable development. The material is easy to understand and introduces to major aspects of tobacco cultivation and trade. The booklet includes some ideas for lesson units and workshops.

From field to cigarette pack

Inspired by the classic memory game, nine pairs of cards show the way tobacco takes from the field to the cigarette pack. The booklet contains details about each step in the chain.

Tobacco Race

Every year, the Tobacco Race takes place in Bralawia, an imaginary country. In this race, everyone wants to make money with tobacco. The tobacco farmers, the multinational corporation King Tobacco and the government of Bralawia. The events during the tobacco seasons have different effects on all players involved. It is a simple board game with lots of information about tobacco cultivation and trade.

Voices from Tobacco Fields

The DVD contains 23 clips from documentaries on poverty, child labour, health & environment, tobacco corporations & Corporate Social Responsibility and alternatives to tobacco growing. All clips are synchronised in German.

Where does the tobacco in cigarettes come from? How is tobacco cultivated? Which stations are between the field and the cigarette pack?
Education Set: Tobacco Bale © Tabakballen Cover by Unfairtobacco / CC BY-NC 4.0