This brief factsheet provides an overview of the supply chains of cigarettes. It exemplifies how the environment is degraded in the production of raw materials and how human rights are violated in the process. The highlighted example is the cultivation of tobacco. A graphic shows the structure of cigarettes and the raw materials they contain.

Author: Sonja von Eichborn
Editors: Unfairtobacco
Published: December 2022

“When we’re harvesting", describes Raden, a student from Indonesia, “I often feel sick because of the smell of the wet tobacco leaves, and I get a strong headache. [...] Sometimes it’s hard to breathe when there’s a lot of tobacco leaves near me. I can’t describe it. I get such a headache. I’m dizzy. I see stars, and everything just looks bright.”
Factsheet Cigarettes: Supply Chains | Environment | Human Rights © Factsheet_Cigarettes_front by Unfairtobacco / CC BY-NC-ND 4.0