This brief factsheet provides an overview of the supply chains of e-cigarettes. It exemplifies how the environment is degraded in mineral mining and how human rights are violated in the process. The highlighted example is the mining of lithium in the Andean regions in South America (Argentina, Chile, Bolivia), which is needed to produce the batteries. A graphic shows the structure of e-cigarettes and the raw materials they contain.

Authors: Sonja von Eichborn, Michael Reckordt
Editors: Unfairtobacco, PowerShift
Published: December 2022

"Lithium may bring millions of dollars, but our livelihoods are sacrificed for it." (Cristian Espindola)
Factsheet E-Cigarettes: Supply Chains | Environment | Human Rights © Factsheet E-Cigarettes frontpage by Unfairtobacco / CC BY-NC-ND 4.0