The Safari Beach Hotel South of Mombasa is very popular with tourist from all over the world.[1] In Late 2004, more than 40 members of the Kenyan parliament participated in a workshop[2] organised by a PR-agency and funded by the tobacco industry. The workshop’s topic consisted in a draft bill suggesting text health warnings on cigarette packages, smoking bans, and advertisement restrictions. It was only three years later, that a weakened version of the Tobacco Control Act went into force. In 2014, the Ministry of Health prompted the parliament to launch an initiative to amend the tobacco control act.[3] British American tobacco filed a lawsuit against the intended graphic health warnings at the High Court.[4] BAT Kenya was established in 1965 and has ever since been the market leader in the former British colony. Internal industry documents prove the close relations of the tobacco company to the presidents Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel arab Moi, and Mwai Kibaki.[5]

Furter information:

“The law was actually drafted by us but the Government is to be congratulated on its wise actions”: British American Tobacco and public policy in Kenya (2007)

Tobacco industry interference in Kenya: Exposing the tactics (2013)

Political Interference