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This DVD contains four documentaries on tobacco growing in Tanzania, Malawi and Brazil as well as some German language background information on tobacco trade.


  • Rauchopfer (Peter Heller, 2001, German, 23 min.)
  • Thangata (Marty & Michelle Otañez, 2002, English,  German subtitles, 15 min.)
  • Up in Smoke (Marty Otañez & Christopher Walker, 2002, English, 27 min.)
  • Human Rights & Tobacco Growing in Brazil (Tiago Eltz, 2008, Portuguese, English or German subtitles, 18 min.)

Additional material in German provides information on working conditions and environmental destruction as well as a press review on Kampagne Rauchzeichen! (Campaign Smoke Signal) for the years 2004-2009.

Editor: Kampagne Rauchzeichen!
Published: September 2009
Thangata (noun) - A system of forced labor in tobacco and other cash crops imposed by British colonialists in Malawi
DVD Big Tobacco: Profits & Lies © DVD Big Tobacco Frontcover by Kampagne Rauchzeichen! / CC BY-NC 4.0