This two-pages factsheet shows how tobacco pollutes water, waterbodies and oceans. Toxic substances in tobacco growing, in cigarette manufacturing and in waste after tobacco use, i.e. cigarette butts, enter into waterbodies and oceans. The graphic offers a view on where and how water is contaminated. Moreover, the factsheet shows which tobacco control measures can contribute to protect the environment, particularly to achieving the sustainbale development goals 6 and 14.

Author: Sonja von Eichborn
Editor: Unfairtobacco
Published: September 2018

Along the Matamuhuri river in Bangladesh, tobacco fields stretch at a length of 80 kilometers on the river banks. Leaching pesticides and fertilizers strongly affect the fish population.
SDG-Factsheet No. 5 Tobacco | Water | Oceans © SDG-Factsheet No. 5 frontpage by Unfairtobacco / CC BY-NC-ND 4.0