Simulation game on global tobacco trade – for schools and other educational institutions

What is a simulation game?

It is a role play in which the players take on the roles of real actors. This approach enables players to better understand political and economic contexts and interests. The game is framed by a thematic introduction and an evaluation.

What is the simulation game Tobacco in Bralavia about?

In the fictional state of Bralavia, a dispute has broken out over tobacco cultivation and a sustainable future. Women tobacco farmers have begun to fight back against the poor conditions in tobacco cultivation. They have allies in civil society who look into issues of agriculture. There are also critics in the fictitious industrialized country of Amropa. But there, the tobacco company makes a lot of money from the tobacco trade and the government maintains its stance that only growth brings prosperity.

The Bralavian government would like to change its business strategies, but is heavily dependent on Amropa – a legacy of the colonial era. The international NGO Fridays for Past Present and Future is campaigning for leaving the growth paradigm behind and embracing alternative livelihoods to tobacco cultivation. The Amropa government fears for its revenues and “good” reputation, while the tobacco company and its subsidiary in Bralavia are only after profits. The Amropa business association and the prevention alliance Tobacco-Free Bralavia are also involved.

Simulation game in Bralavia

As public pressure mounts in Bralavia and Amropa, the two governments decide to come to a new understanding at a round table on the future of the tobacco trade between their countries. Naturally, the international press is watching and asking questions: Who is allowed to have a say in the “People, Environment and Tobacco Economy in Bralavia” round table? Who wants to achieve which goals? Who will successfully represent their position in the negotiations? And what will tobacco cultivation in Bralavia look like in the future? Or are there alternatives that are beneficial for all stakeholders?

Who could play this game and how much time is needed?

The game is suitable for students from 10th grade, for students in universities as well as for adults. The introduction to the topic, the game and the evaluation will take about five hours. It can also be divided into timeslots in two days.

What is included in the simulation game Tobacco in Bralavia?

The game is sent to you as files (after payment). These can either be printed out by the teachers themselves or used directly in the online version of the game.

The game includes for the classroom or online format:

  • 1 audio file (podcast) introducing the simulation game
  • 1 setting of the simulation game for the participants (copy template)
  • 1 picture of the round table (as poster, to beam or online as background picture)
  • 9 Role descriptions for the actors
  • 10 additional text materials to offer more information to the actors
  • 21 event cards that can be used to stimulate the game depending on how it progresses
  • 1 game manual with background information and detailed advice

Unfortunately, this material only available in German. But we’d love to get it translated into English. If you have skill or interest to support us in producing an English version of the games files, please don’t hesitate and contact us at

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This material is only available in German.

We’d love to get it translated into English.

If you have skill or interest to support us in producing an English version of the games files, please don’t hesitate and contact us at

If you have financial resources to spend on translation, please don’t hesitate to donate to our project.

Simulation game Tobacco in Bralavia [German] © Planspiel Tabak in Bralawien by Unfairtobacco / CC BY-NC 4.0