Big Tobacco: Profits & Lies – Tobacco or Sustainable Development

Our exhibition follows the route of tobacco from the fields to the cigarette butt. We expose how the production and consumption of tobacco impact a sustainable development. We offer answers to many questions:

  • Where and how is tobacco produced?
  • Who are the main actors in the global tobacco trade?
  • Who are the winners and losers of the tobacco trade?
  • How do tobacco corporations promote their products?
  • What impact does tobacco use have beyond diseases?

We also offer positive perspectives on how to alleviate or overcome the many problems and difficulties in the tobacco sector.

  • What could tobacco farmers grow instead of tobacco?
  • What are the political options for states to reduce tobacco use?
  • What can you and every individual do to contribute to sustainable development?

The exhibition is in German only. If you are interested to translate and/or adapt it for your own local context, please don’t hesitate to contact us under

Have a look at the displays in our galery below.

This exhibition ist in German only.

If you want to contribute to a translation of the displays, please get in touch with us.

Students explore the exhibition © Unfairtobacco Ausstellung im OSZ Recht, Berlin by Dinah Stratenwerth / All Rights Reserved