In December 2011, Philip Morris retired his famous Marlboro cowboy and tested a new marketing concept in Germany. The posters of the Be Marlboro campaign showed scenes of action and love appealing especially to youth under 18 years of age.[1] In Germany, the continuation of the campaign was enjoined in October 2013. But Philip Morris expanded its campaign into more than 50 countries worldwide, among others Indonesia, Russia and Brazil. In Brazil, the Marlboro marketing concentrated on kiosks and other points of sale. In August 2014, the consumer protection agency Procon sued the tobacco company for its advertisement  found to be harmful to youth, claiming approx. 500,000 US Dollar.[2] The case is still pending. In December 2014, a Brazilian government’s decree, the Lei Antifumo[3], became effective, banning tobacco advertisement at the point of sale.

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