Last year, we intensively worked on the impact of tobacco growing and tobacco use on a social, economic and ecological sustainablility. We showed how tobacco control can contribute to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Focus in 2016

We focused on goals 1 and 2 for combating hunger and poverty as well as on goal 17 on the global partnership. We wrote two factsheets and the brandnew brochure Ungenutzte Ressourcen: Tabaksteuern und nachhaltige Entwicklung (German only).

You can find more information on the SDGs on our special SDG-page.

On the move

We’ve been travelling a lot – in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Belgium and India.

We presented a charge at the capitalism tribunal in Vienna.

We gave talks at the sustainability week in Rostock, the Education Congress for Global Learning in Nuremberg, the Drogfokus Conference in Sweden, the 14. German Conference for Tobacco Control in Heidelberg and at the Health and Trade Network in Brussels.

We have been part of the Framework Convention Alliance’s delegation at the FCTC COP7 negotiations in India. The results for tobacco farmers have been recapped for us by Mary Assunta.

We offered information at two guided tours in the Botanical Garden in Berlin and at the Environment Festival in Potsdam.

Finally, we have been giving school lessons in Berlin. One class even organized a public action at World No Tobacco Day 2016.

How do we proceed?

In the coming year of 2017, we will focus on the working conditions in tobacco growing, the impact of tobacco use on working conditions e.g. in the gastronomy or care sector as well as the alternative livelihoods to tobacco.

Furthermore, we will update our exhibition Big Tobacco: Profits & Lies. Support us with your donation at betterplace.

And we very much appreciate the theme for World No Tobacco Day 2017: Tobacco – a threat to development.

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